Cleangreencambodia.org and refillnotlandfill.org made our day

We followed this idea from the first moment we arrived in Phnom Penh. Drinking water is essential to survive in the high temperature and humidity of approximately 32 degrees. We use our reusable water bottles and drink water from the refill stations. It is easy, because all the hostels we stay in offer fresh water for free. And we don’t take plastic bags for shopping. We help reducing the estimated four Million plastic bottles been produced in Siem Reap a little. Suddenly we notice that we can do more.

Sophal, the most popular eco-warrior of Cambodia, set us on fire. He motivates masses of people, whole communities into clean-ups. He calls the events Festivals. Up to 40.000 people pick plastic, being proud of it. We are so excited to learn about him and what he does for the climate and for girls education. He is a networker and introduced us to the platform cleangreencambodia.org. Friday-for-future people, please look at it and copy it to every country on earth. This homepage was set up by Juliette, a french Volunteer. She was here on the right time and met the right people to carry on her mission. It is Sophal, Chris, Katrine. And we are also so proud to introduce cleangreencambodia.org to United World Schools. Part of our workshops “school is cool” will be on “no plastic”. The group worked on workshop program in art, music, math, group logic in the morning.


We are working on ideas how to turn plastic bags into art bracelets or pompons. In a two hours training with Rehash Trash we learnt how to do bracelets and key chains. This is global to me. We get inspired in Cambodia and take ideas back home. It is all about passion and get united. The same spirit we experienced, when we went to the Phare Circus in the evening.




It is more than just a circus, Phare performers use theatre, music, dance and modern circus arts to tell uniquely Cambodian stories; historical, folk and modern. The young circus artists will astonish you with their energy, emotion, enthusiasm and talent. Phare, the Cambodian Circus, offers these students and graduates somewhere to hone their skills and a place to earn a decent wage. Money that will take them out of poverty and give them self-respect and freedom.




You feel this spirit on the street. The many young people (50 percent of the Cambodians are under 25 years old) spread it. And we are all amongst them. I wish we can transfer these vibes to Germany?


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