High dynamic on the last day in Babel

Morning breakfast,  a variety of continental choices with exotic fruits: pancakes, sandwitches, Müsli, fruitplates with Mango, Jackfruit, pineapple, durian, banana, Tropical fruit bowl, eggs with tomatos and toast . We start the day with a speach on Khmer Lou, the indigineous people in Cambodia. They are 70 percent of the population are located northeast close to the Vietnamese border. Götz explains that in this region the battles of Khmer Rouge to regain power went on until 1999. Pol Pot recruited many of his soldiers with the Khmer Lou. The 17 different tripes, each until  today live autonom as ricefarmers speaking their own language and following their own tradition. They never had education before unitl 2008, when United World Schools started to build their first primary school in Ratanakiri province. Since then they have build and mantain over 100 schools in this area close to Vietnam providing over 25.000 children with education. Thanks to UWS the marginalised communities getting new perspectives in live with learning the national language Khmer and basic knowledge than to read, write and count. These people live so remote that so far no NGO had made the effort to reach out to them, thus their life been endagered due to vast logging. UWS has just been awarded the Wise-Award Winner 2019. UWS is outstanding for their quality, innovative  teaching concepts and passion.

The speach was followed by a workshop prep session of 1 1/2 hours. Everyone worked on the fine-tuning of their concepts for their workshops School is Cool". Silas, Sophia and Frederic for "Music", Jutta and Maya for "Art", Yella and Ranya for "Individual Logic (Math) and Anton and Amelie for "Group Logic (Teamwork). Both school we are going to be sent are pretty new. Our goal is to create an enthusiasm for learning with teaching extras in different ways they are normally used to. Besides the students we focus on the mothers as key persons to sent their children to school. Children at a young age from 4 traditionally help in their families. Children being in school means more work been left for them to feed their families.


The project programm "Introduction to Cambodia" ended with a  3 1/2 hours excursion on Tara boat to one of the three floating villages "Khampong Phlug".  Vietnamese people have been located on the Tonlé Sape lake for centuries living as fishermen in totally independent communities on water. It is a crucial issue for us to set this tour on our programm. All these floating villages are highly overprized tourism attraction to run as business with the government. It is in line with our intention to enable our participants to confrontate our participants with substantial elements of the political and economical system of Cambodia. Learning by experience we believe in starts a process of reflection on what predominates everybodies life.

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