My mobile and my mobile, shower and the pool

The amazing big pool in the Phum Khmer Resort seems double the size, when we returned from our three days life with the “Unreached”. We are coming back happy and with dirty feet, just like all the UWS children. We are all worn out and looking forward to a day of rest and connect with our mobile. The break day between our two school projects is also to reflect on our personal performance so far and the intentions behind the project cycle; How do we perceive and judge the concept and performance of UWS? Do we leave an impact? Is this really a sustainable project? What were my personal convictions when I joined this trip? Are there still the same? Can I do better and what do I need for that? But, overall, after the intense experience of the past days it is visible that everyone needs sleep.


While being back in Phum Khmer, Leakhena, the Cambodian woman who has been with us from the first day of our project, tells us her personal story. She was brought up with her illiterate mother and two brothers. The challenges she had to face because of the lack of education in her family seem unimaginable to us in our home countries. She remembers one day, when her mother and her were looking for medical support. Her mother stood in front of the hospital and could not find it, because she could not read the signs.




Leakhena herself was left on her own at the age of 12 with her two brothers. She fought for her own education to survive and make a living for her and her brothers. She very passionately told us what it means to live without education. It is only through her eyes, having lived both lives, that we all truly understood the importance of education. It is essential for our understanding of the world, participation in the day to day experiences around us, and in making our personal lives better by gaining access to economic opportunities.




Stories like these open eyes and touch hearts.


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