What made our trip special?


At ConCultures we create a culture of curiosity around education for mothers and fathers.  The key idea ist to promote learning through fun. Educational games are the best way to achieve our targets. After five years testing various educational games we started this year to bring two sets of the best educational games along, such as “Rushhour, Halli Galli, Make a Break, Tangram, Balance-Games, Baufix, Plastikblumen Steckspiele, Metallophone. A huge thank you to Musikhaus Thomann and Ravensburger Spiele who kindly made donations to this project.


All games are part of the workshop "Group logic - school is cool". All students practice the games for three days, assisted by volunteers. We noticed how much they enjoy playing with them.  All teachers get a special introduction to the workshop to make sure that they are been able to introduce the games to more students. Narith Rin, educational manager of UWS promotes this idea as a good chance to learn extra skills like creativity, logic and strategic thinking and fine motor skills, which can be especially important for students who drop out of school because of age or duties for their families.   


One set of educational games is meant to stay with the librairy of the the Kham School and Phum Thmey. We handed it over to the principle and students, before we left.  This enables after school learning activities, helps diversity in the UWS curriculum and  with the schools, onecfor the school library of both UWS-Schools, Kham School and Phum Thmey, we visited this year.  


ConCultures plan for the future: we seek to provide each school we visit with an equivalent set of educational games to enhance quality and sustainability in the UWS schools.



Pilot Project " No Plastic"


The floods of plastic cover the beautiful nature of Cambodia. UWS school compounds look much nicer without plastic and trash. This year we set up a pilot project on “No plastic”. To raise awareness we had an introduction, movie on no plastic, a poster, waste picking and art with plastic bottles. We are going to discuss with UWS London how the topic NO PlASTIC could be installed in every school. The eco-warrior Sophal from NGOBambooshoots.org., located at Siem Reap, knows how to turn clean-ups into festivals. Katrine, our landlady from Babel Guesthouse babelsiemreap.com is amazingly successful with her new eco-shop. Just have a look. To avoide plastic in everyday life can contribute everybody can make a huge contribution to a better climate.  We met and discussed with both. We hope that our project made a good start for more to come.


The UWS team, fruit platters and DROP (card game).

The UWS team supplys us with an epic awesome service that goes far beyond standard. The highlights were the fruit platters and French fries handmade served in the morning breaks. That is pure joy at a moment when most volunteers tend to start dreaming of their favorite food at home. The life-changing memories are those of children strolling around underneath the school singing our songs we had taught them in the morning. Similar touching was the moment, when children were picking the masks of the “three little picklets” playing the piece all on its own again. And all the warm hugs and the great joy of learning we saw in all faces.


Thanks so much to the whole UWS team for a wonderful experience and fantastic DROP-rounds.


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