Who we are

ConCultures brings together young people from different social and cultural backgrounds and shows them that despite all the differences we share many dreams and values.


We are united in the hope of living a free and independent life, striving for peace and prosperity for our loved ones and society as a whole.


Education is the key to reach these goals. It is the foundation for change and personal development. 61 Million children are denied this gift. Together with your strategic partner United World Schools (UWS) we are bringing education to the most remote regions of Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal. The ethnic minorities living there never had the chance to acquire an education, being located too far from the public schools in the cities. Without knowledge of the national language they are being marginalized. USW is building schools in these local communities.

Teenagers from developed countries are volunteering in projects in UWS-Schools in Cambodia. ConCultures supports them in becoming a global citizen providing a platform to engage in topics like equality, culture, and their potential to make a positive difference in the world.


UWS receives support from partner-schools, foundations and companies from 23 different countries. We also belong to this international network. ConCultures is strategic partner and ambassador of United World Schools in Germany and the respective regions.


ConCultures is an independent, registered non-profit organization.

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ConCultures ist Botschafter und strategischer Partner von United World Schools in Deutschland.