2019 · 23. Oktober 2019
Sabei, sabei (happy auf Khmer). Everone is proud. After 19 days of exploring a new culture, travelling and working in a team, everyone is longing to go home. Will we notice a difference once we got home?

2019 · 23. Oktober 2019
We create curiosity with mothers and fathers about education. Great attention has been raised for the selection of educational games like Rushhour, UNO, HalliGalli and art and bracelets made out of plastic. The teams specials were fruits, fries and drop.

2019 · 22. Oktober 2019
Everyone experiences in the second school that we are less nervous, more relaxed and experienced. The students of Phum Thmey adressed us more open and facing. Ideas in the workshops are more creative. The appeal of music is more enthusiastic. Does all this creates an interaction that all benefit from?

2019 · 20. Oktober 2019
The villagers home are wide spreaded close to their farms. The children have to go long distances to the school. The children are open and facing. Less children show up. They are all busy harvesting soja. Many young girls, aged 9 attend our workshops with their younger siblings, aged 2 to 4.

2019 · 19. Oktober 2019
The workshops “School is Cool” is the key element of the volunteer-project. That is, what we all came for. The goal is to teach them skills that is normally part of early education like drawing, sports as ball games, frisbee, dancing, singing, theatre, friends bracelets, sewing, playing games. The mission is to achieve that education is fun.

2019 · 15. Oktober 2019
Returning with happy dirty feet, very much like the 100 UWS children of the village “Kham”, we spent our three days with. The pool of Phum Khmer village seemed double the size and our mobile very best friend. The break day is very much to reflect and regain energy. We set off again more experienced, less nervous, but douple determined to contribute and perfom best possible. We heard Leakhenas story. More from our story on October 18th, 2019.

2019 · 13. Oktober 2019
Aaaahhh,so excited. Enjoy our photos

2019 · 10. Oktober 2019
Dinner at sunset on the Taraboat was the end of our 10 days programm Introduction to Cambodia. The Boattour takes you through Floating villages, whole communities on water. A challenge, when small children with snakes around their body beg for money. Education is this the tool to everything, also them? In the evening one more trip to the local markets, massage, drinks for eveyone. Tomorrow we are off in the first UWS-School and offline for three days.

2019 · 08. Oktober 2019
Babel is a cell for people who find solutions to problems.They are aware of it and it is because they think and act global. The problems are often more evident here. Cambodia seems to be ahead of us in fighting for plastic. We will take some of the dynamic back to Germany. We would not know and perceive this if we had not been here.

2019 · 08. Oktober 2019
The Angkor Temples at 5.15am just after sunrise. Rain instead of the gloomy orange sunlight illuminating the setting brings something else in. Old history and the silk factory representing cambodian tradition and present time were part of the programm of day six and seven.

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